The Board is comprised of 6 EMS Regional Councils. The 6 Regional Councils are non-profit, 501 (c)(3) corporations who create by-laws to govern their operations. Each Region elects a Board to administer Regional activities. The Regional Councils are responsible for the following:

* Support, Promote, & Assist Local EMS Agencies and Personnel
* Administer the Kansas Board of Emergency Medical Services Certification Examination
* Conduct annual workshops for Instructor/Coordinators & Training Officers


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Funding for Regional activities is provided by the Kansas Board of Emergency Medical Services. The Regions and the Board engage in an active partnership through communication and leadership in providing training, technical assistance, and information to services, service directors, and attendants throughout the State. The Board believes in the importance and vitality of the Regions to receive and participate in and with all emergency medical service personnel in the State. This relationship gives EMS attendants at all certification and employment levels (volunteer, part and full time) the opportunity to participate in the development of policies and procedures affecting State EMS professionals through Regional meetings and the exchange of ideas with Board and Board Staff.